Yates back on top at Homestead Road Course A

Racing into the first corner at Homestead

Racer James Yates has won the Shark Racing Jetta Club race at homestead – but only just.

Experienced campaigner and previous multiple race winner Steven Jones was just 0.211 seconds behind as he went over the line.

Tero Dahlberg started on pole again after a stunning qualifying time of 1:39.725, with Yates along side him with a time of 1:39.890. However, a jump start by Dahlberg meant a trip to the pits at the end of the first lap, handing the lead to Yates.

Dahlberg, Wilson and Dyer racing together

Dahlberg then had to catch up with the rest of the pack, which took nearly the remainder of the race. On lap 13 Dahlberg and Jamie Wilson overtook Julian Dyer at the hairpin at the back of the circuit. This left Wilson in 4th, Dahlberg in 5th, and Dyer in 6th respectively.

Yates just in front of jones at Homestead's finish line

After 15 laps, Yates crossed the line to take yet another victory. Simon Trendell took the fastest lap, with a time of 1:39.792.

Voting has started for the race on the 18th of May, so get voting now!

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